Kitchens with a Tiny Twist of Mod

Nothing gets me going like a trad room with a little punch of modern.

Check out these kitchens from my favorites file…

{PS I’d love help on sourcing some of these unknown images…}

design by Daryl Carter
source unknown

Dying over these pebbled floors…

Design by Phoebe Howard

source unknown

source unknown

Holy pendant light!

via Martha Stewart

via Desire to Inspire

via Brown Turtleneck Sweater

Such a great look – floor to ceiling patterned tile. It looks like wallpaper, but it’s so much more durable/appropriate for a kitchen.

Design by Tom Scheerer
via House Beautiful
via Design Sponge

via Blueprint Magazine

Design by Gray Crawford

I never would have thought to put stick straight legs on an island like this. Love it.

Design by Plain English

Love the rug and the red.

image via (blog?) Kitchen and Bath Magazine
Design by Asfour Guzy Architects

via Southern Accents
via Southern Accents
Mark Olsen Photography

What you’re favorite way to add a twist of mod into your kitchen/home?
  1. I definately agree on having a kitchen island – fantastic for cooking and someone who can sit opposite and keep you company! Plain English is my all time favourite. Great post!

  2. I love the last picture. I have always wanted a ladder like that in my kitchen. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Those pebbled floors are a-mazing! I never would have thought of that. I actually love everything about that room. Please let us know if you figure out the source!

  4. I love, love, love the one with pebbled floors. I really like what they did with the paint on the cabinets. Filing that one away….thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The one with the massive pendant light looks very Martha Stewart-ish.

  6. WOW!! those are beautiful! i can't pick a fave but i DID save at least 5 of them for my own files.
    id say those red cabinets def will stick in my head for a while.

  7. I like the mix. Probably keeps a look instyle longer. I'm looking at my kitchen, and thinking I need to add something modern. I guess the closest I get is my big stainless vent hood?

  8. Good Lord – can't answer your question – too busy wiping the drool from my chin!

  9. Suzie

    The top photo is from artist Bobbie Burgers home – featured in Canadian House and Home.

    Love your blog!

  10. Wow- pebbled floors, exposed brick, white subway tiles, farm sinks, just gorgeous!

  11. Anonymous

    The kitchen with the red cabinets was a Southern Accents cover a few years back.

  12. paula

    I am swooning away! Such a perfect mix.

  13. Jill

    what a great collection. I love the bright yellow colors on that top kitchen. I have it saved as "BobbieBurger via DesignSponge"

  14. Rachel

    Too much to say about these pictures b/c I love them all! I think the colors you choose can bring in some modern to a traditional kitchen.

  15. Lovely inspiration pics! The one with the paisley backsplash and persian rug is my favorite.

  16. love the oriential rugs in the kitchen. lovely and unexpected.

    the gray kitchen with brass bin pulls is Martha's old kitchen, I believe, and the red one is Southern Accents.

    lots of good eye candy!

  17. Heidi

    i hate oprah, but she had some makeovers on her show and they installed zinc counter tops. do you know much about them? Durable? The designer said that they will get a nice patina, but can I roll out bread dough and beat them up real good?

  18. I know it has already been answered but the top photo is from Bobbie Burgers' vacation home in the BC Okanagan. Her full time home in the city is two houses away from mine!! I love her artwork and am always thrilled to see her featured in House and Home!

  19. Yansy

    I love them all but the one with the library ladder is my favorite one.

  20. Kitchen island = must! Love that white kitchen with the yellow stove! Fantastic. Thanks for the posts!

  21. nkp

    That Tom Sheerer kitchen is absolutely breathtaking!

  22. Sarah

    Jenny that was a great roundup, I can't decide which one is my favorite. I'm pretty drawn to the Southern Accents kitchen. I just can't stop loving white kitchens.

  23. HI Jenny! I posted about Kilims in Kitchens today and gave you a shout out for inspiring me. LOVE that "cheap" wallpaper too, btw. What a great resource… I would have never thought to look at Sherwin Williams. :)

  24. Em

    FYI the yellow range in the first photo is a bertazzoni.

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