Framing a Suzani Pillow

Edit: Sorry for the technical difficulties, guys! I think I was able to fix the photo issue. Please let me know if there are any other problems! Have a GREAT weekend! -J

I love these images of framed suzanis and ethnic textiles…

Remember these suzani pillow cases from eBay?

I decided to frame one for our living room, since I didn’t need another pillow. And I love it!


Mine is a lot more humble than the inspiration photos, but it does the trick for me.


  1. can't wait to see how they turn out! have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Meg

    Such a great idea!!! I love that! Like a museum! It's like they are too delicate to leave exposed! So pretty!

  3. Nakiya

    That looks great! What a good idea!!!
    I literally just found your blog yesterday, and I've been starring things left and right in Google Reader. Thanks for being so inspriational!

  4. Love it! I've done the same thing with a mola tapestry my Dad bought for me in Panama.

  5. Terese

    Perfection. I love the colors in that too. Why am I having trouble adding your button to my side bar?

  6. Yansy

    What a great idea! I'm dying to try it myself. Stop by when you have a chance, The City Escapes Series is today.

  7. I am coming to admire your inspiration more and more….

  8. Love the idea of framed textiles, somehow makes them seem more important and significant. Yours looks wonderful. I may have to go poke around my own home and see which pillows would rather be art!

  9. Anonymous

    Looks Great! I have a similar pillow case that I framed in a shadow box because the folks at the frame shop told me I can't have the glass touching the fabric without horrible things happening. Anyone have an experience framing fabric stuff? Any luck with DIY? I saw a post on using foam-core board to mount the fabric and then putting spacers in the frame, but it all seemed like a pain in the butt.

  10. great idea! i love your blog. any chance you want to sell the other pillowcase?

  11. Awesome! Many times pillow hawkers on Etsy sell pillows without the inserts to save on shipping, and I have always had to go out to find an insert. Now it will be: to find an insert, or frame?

  12. Hi Jenny! I can't believe how fast you've settled into your new home. I love that you're sharing so many projects from your own home with us!

  13. carlee

    great idea! love it!

  14. Rowena

    I'm really loving this, especially that first picture. The vivid purple pattern is a knock out.

    There's also a cover photo on September's Country Living. They aren't suzanis, but they remind me of them. Pillow shams form Garnet Hill.

  15. great ideas! I have some vintage crewel embroidery pillows I have been considering framing, thanks for the inspiration!

  16. P.S.

    Do you know who makes the couch in the top photo? Or where you got the top photo? Maybe I can play detective and hunt it down!
    Love your style, love your blog, I think you are great.

  17. Hi! looks great, where did you get the white frame you used? thx, Amy :)

  18. b.

    those pillow cases are adorable! cute idea! xo.

  19. How pretty. I'd have never thought of franimg the pillow. Adorable! Thanks for sharing

  20. Hi! I just bought a suzani off ebay as well, but mine isnt a pillow its longer kind of like a scarf or something. Where did you get that white frame? it would be perfect!

  21. Hitch

    I think that top photo is a Donghia fabric – love this idea! :)

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