1. Wow! I love to see that wallpaper is becoming trendier and more accessible. I am loving the second one!

  2. Emily

    What a great find! These are beautiful wallpapers and I am so happy that it's coming back in style. I look forward to seeing the new pictures!

  3. Maria

    Im just ordered samples from sherwin williams of their easychange line…the easily removable kind!! im a little nervous that Ill get sick of it and want to remove it at a later time, so its the perfect solution! can't wait to see your mom's dining room!

  4. Oooh, I am in love with that chartreuse damask(?) one. Great finds!

  5. CJ

    Wow – so pretty. I've considering wallpapering my closet doors but am afraid of the precision wallpaper demands.

  6. What great finds. Can't wait to see your Mommas dining room.

  7. these are so great!!!!! I will definitely be checking them out…

  8. I LOVE the second one from the top…the grey geometric pattern. Thanks..I will have to check it out!

  9. Those are some great finds!! I don't think I can pick a favorite! I wish I had more built-ins. I'd back them with a fun wallpaper and change it out every 2 years!

  10. Yansy

    I love all of the wallpapers! The second one is may favorite one.

  11. Karen

    HI, Love your blog and I am glad to see you highlighting the georgeous wallpaper. I work as a color consultant for Sherwin and get to see these papers daily. I get so tired of customers being afraid of wallpaper and further more still choosing 8o's country style borders. It is refreshing to hear people excited about the pretty paper. Keep up the good work on your blog.

  12. you are my hero as i am in the process of searching for wallpapers for my tiny entryway. i love the katie rider wallpapers and KWID imperial trellis but didn't want to pay that price. perfect timing. if you find more pls share. going to check the website out!

  13. sad

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