Aluminum Accent Tables

I fell in love with Pottery Barn’s recycled aluminum accent table when I first saw it in their store months ago. I can’t remember the original price, but it was more than I wanted to pay – a couple hundred for sure.

I forgot about it for a while, but then rekindled the love when I spied it (or something similar) in this room designed by Brooke Giannetti from Velvet and Linen. I think the table looks great in this room.

Sadly it is no longer for sale on PB’s website. But as luck would have it, these nice knock-offs are now available at Pier 1 (though they’re not yet on the website – must be new).

While not cheap at about $150 each, the price is at least within reach and I’m sure they’ll go on sale at some point.

  1. I have that Pottery Barn table in my living room and I love it! I have not seen the Pier1 tables, but they look great too! The aluminum really makes the table stand out in a room.

  2. Yes, everything at Pier 1 goes on sale eventually. I have had so much luck with that.

  3. love it, I thought you were going to suggest spray painting one.

    btw, did you spray paint that lamp?

  4. Rachel

    I really like these.. wow! Hope they go on sale soon!

  5. i REALLY like those tables! something different from the average wood side table. now i'm going to have to go to pier one and check them out:)

    your room and ottoman turned out so so cute by the way! i love the fabric you found for the ottoman. what a steal, too!

  6. I've seen them @ TJ MAXX & Home Goods but they were still @ least $100.00. Yes they are pretty.

  7. I saw these at Pier 1… aren't they great?! I saw one a month or so ago at HomeGoods too. Hope you don't have to wait too long for yours to go on sale!

  8. oh, that could really glam up a room! Love it!

  9. I love Pier One and their low prices!!

  10. Katy

    Never would have picked this alone, but with so many other things it really looks fab. Happy Reader, Katy

  11. I offered that style table in my design studio. I also placed one in my clients bedroom with a chair- it's one of my favorites also! Love your blog!


  12. Alison

    I've seen them in the clearance section at TJ Maxx. I was tempted but I don't have anywhere to put it! I don't recall the price but I wouldn't have considered it for more than $65. Good luck!

  13. Vicky

    What a great find! They'll be on sale in no time, plus every time I go there for some reason when it's time to pay, it went on sale by the time I got to the register? It's very strange, I just love that.
    I love your blog, can't wait for the next project update!

  14. I was so excited to find this post because I tried to buy the PB version but as you said, sold out. I went to Pier 1 today and looked in every nook and cranny and couldn't find those tables anywhere. I even asked the sales people and they said they didn't have them or have ever seen them. When did you see them at your store?

  15. tzd

    By the way, so glad I found your cute blog!

  16. Do you have homesense/winners type stores in your area? I have seen tables like these there lately.

  17. there are a few of these tables at the Pottery Barn outlet in Riverhead NY, I was there this weekend

  18. Anonymous

    I had planned to use one or two of these tables in my eclectic guest room, and had saved a copy of the PB page in my files. I was just as disappointed as you when I discovered the tables were no longer available–since I am finally ready to finish the room. But guess what? These exact tables are at Tuesday Morning this week for 129.99!

  19. Anonymous

    I just received a flyer that the table is onsale at Tuesday Mornings ($125), though I truly love the Pier I pie crust top.

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