Bonjour from Belgium!

After almost a week here, we are absolutely in love with this beautiful country and its wonderful people (despite how long it takes to get an internet technician out to our apartment).

Brussels is positively charming in every way. We’re counting our blessings, getting to have this great adventure across the pond!

The millions and millions of flowers planted every summer to create a beautiful floral “carpet” at the incredible city center called the Grand Place (pronounced “grahnd plahz”).

  1. That’s it. I must go there. If you guys are in, I’m in. Of course…Kelly would have to find a job there, but that shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. That would be so amazing. I’m ready for another adventure with the Komendas. It looks great Jennica. I can’t wait to see and hear more.

  2. Kelly

    I’ll start looking for a job today. Seriously.

  3. wow! That is crazy! Can you imagine being the gardener? awesome! Thanks for emailing me back. You know I can’t stand to not hang out with you when you are finally so close. I had better start on TJ now, “plant the seed and walk away”!

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