Speaking of Domino and Cheap Beds…

Did you notice that the headboards used in this adorable room featured in Domino (I can’t get over this color combination!) are from Target?

I think $249 each is a pretty great price point and if I was in a pinch to get a guest room decorated, I would totally buy these headboards. If I had some time though (not to mention, another room to decorate), I would make my own headboards using the following:

Plywood, cut to fit by my friendly neighborhood Home Depot dudes:
Upholstery grade batting (available at most fabric stores):

Red linen or twill fabric. Since I am on a budget, I would probably use my 40% off coupon at JoAnn’s or check what’s available on eBay. No need to pre-wash my fabric, since I’m upholstering (not making a washable slip cover):

Trusty PowerShot staple gun… a girl’s best friend (well, along with her hot glue gun):Upholstery nail strips (these make for very straight lines when you only have to put in one stud for every five nail heads):

I’m definitely putting this room in my book for later. I think it’s a great, expensive look, but a really cheap and easy project.

  1. Terese

    Wowee! I just LOVE the color Combos in that room. That is the color I want to paint the kids’ room. I love it with the red!

  2. Those upholstery nail strips are awesome. I had no idea that existed. I should make myself a headboard since we’ve never had one. In fact, I need for you to fly out and help me with decorating in our new house (rental, of course). Okay? Okay.

  3. great post!! It really is a great color combination!! It really works well.. sophisticated but still kid-like :)

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