Both Grace and Claire slept in our bed with us most nights for the first few months of their lives. It’s a personal decision, but both Michael and I felt like it was safe to do this (and it made it possible for me to stay sane during the endless nights of feeding). For the record, both of my girls are incredibly easy to put to sleep in their own beds now. We’re glad that those months of co-sleeping haven’t created a situation where they need us to be with them as they fall asleep or during the night.

I still think though that for our next baby I’d like to get one of these great bed attachments, called a Culla Belly. Check it out. It’s winning all sorts of awards.

Saw it here.

  1. I feel like this one was just for me! That looks like the ultimate way to stay sane during the newborn phase!

  2. Becky

    I had a co-sleeper that was huge and bulky, that one looks so stylish. We practice bed sharing at our house. We let the kiddos decide when they wanted to move to their own beds (around two and a half). We have never had the tantrums and crying trying to get them to go to sleep. We also let them join us now and then if they feel like a snuggle :) It is great to see your positive post about co-sleeping.

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