Sugar City Journal

If you haven’t heard about it already, Sugar City Journal is a great blog for anyone interested in sewing. Two sisters in law, living across the country from each other, post their own creations for themselves and (mostly for) their kids. And they usually do it Project Runway style – no patterns!!

This little shift dress has been my favorite to date.
Every time I look at it I am inspired to pull out my sewing machine and make better use of my giant fabric stash. Grace would look so adorable in this dress.

  1. Jenny

    That’s so funny you posted about Sugar City Journal because I’ve been meaning to tell you about them. They are actually friends of mine from Virginia (although now they live in NY and CA). By the way, I LOVE your blog–you are so talented and creative!

  2. Cakies

    I love them too! Great blog and photographs…

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