Speaking of Favorite Artists…

I’m very seriously considering going back to school to get my Masters in 2009, after Michael graduates. In the meantime over the next year, I’d like to take a few art classes for fun.

If I could learn to paint like anyone, I would want to paint like Chelsea James. I have been completely smitten with her work since I saw it first on design*sponge a few months ago.

There is such a dream-like quality to her artwork. And I think her use of color is incredible.

She sells her paintings through galleries in the west. It would be so great to see her work in person. Learn more about Chelsea James here.

  1. Iliana

    Okay, I’ve been checking out this blog for a while because I love that you do all the internet surfing for me and I can click here and find where cute clothes are on sale, whos got beautiful chairs, etc. I’m Iliana and I knew Michael in HS. I saw this blog linked to someone’s so I hope you don’t mind I check it frequently :) About the flat iron, I think the Chi is great if you have thick hair, but if its thinner, I def. don’t recommend it. It only has one heat setting, which is really high, and can make thin hair look super flat. I like a GVP ceramic from Sally’s that’s about $60. But if you go for the Chi, Costco had them online for only $85. Good luck!

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