DIY Dollhouse

Were you obsessed with doll houses when you were little, like I was? Most of my childhood was spent coordinating Barbie and Ken’s outfits and rearranging their furniture.

My mom made us a beautiful wooden doll house for Christmas one year that reminds me a lot of this easy and cheap doll house that I saw in Cookie magazine and again on the NieNie Dialogues.

Stephanie’s girl’s version:

So adorable, I can’t even stand it. And talk about a big bang for your buck! Just a little foam core board and some paper and cut-up pictures for the wall art.

If you don’t want to destroy your precious design magazines for the pictures, head on over to your local thrift store or used book store for loads of cheap books and mags. Or just find pictures online, crop and print.

Wouldn’t this be a great birthday party activity for a little girl, like a seven or eight year-old? Every little guest gets to make and decorate her own doll house. I would have been in heaven…

The best part about this project is that it can be easily deconstructed for flat storage – a necessity for me when I am considering a new (bigger) toy acquisition for the girls.
For instructions on building your own doll house, go here.

For cheap doll house furniture, follow these links to eBay and Target.

And for brand new and cheap Barbies, check here on eBay.

  1. anna


    Great post. I loved Barbies and dolls for way too long. I got a new Barbie house for Christmas right before we moved to California and was devastated that I couldn’t find anyone to play with me. I guess everyone had outgrown dolls by then :) I cannot wait for Audrey to get her first Barbie – we’ll probably fight over dressing her up!

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  3. wow…Nice…It reminds me my childhood..I used to play with mu barbie doll and..In those days I always try to look like here..
    I feel her most prettier girl than anyone.So at that time My rlstaives used to gift me barbie dolls for special occasion as they know that my favorite..

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