my little green book

The name for this blog, “Little Green Notebook,” is inspired by Salinger’s Franny and Zooey. In the story, Franny carries a little green cloth-bound book in her handbag. I can just imagine her (in the 60’s) looking like Jackie O. Probably wearing gloves, and a pill box hat. Perfect red lipstick. And I love that her book was pea green.

These old Kate Spade ads are so beautiful and are exactly what I imagine Franny to look like. (It’s a funny coincidence that the girl here is reading “Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters”)

Such a beautiful bedroom

Anyway, in the story Franny’s book was a little novel, but I love the idea of sweet, small notebooks in purses. And since I am a list person, I always carry one around with me to jot down ideas and inspirations as they strike. Ideas for decorating the house. Clothes that I love in the store but want to check online for in case I can get them cheaper elsewhere. Grocery lists. Christmas gift ideas. To do lists. Goals. Dreams. etc. It’s a handy little system for me. And it’s really fun to look back through old notebooks to see past lists and ideas.Here are a few of my favorite notebooks:MoleskinesPaper Source (For even more color options – try binding your own!)
I decided that there are so many beautiful things that I stumble across on the internet that inspire me (and get me REALLY excited about having money again in a year and a half) that I’d start an inspiration journal where I can post about my favorite things and share them with you.

  1. Heidi

    so, i decided that i’d look at your first post to see what ideas you’ve had and I’m delighted about Salinger. and i always wanted a camel coat.

  2. Wow!! I absolutely adore your site. I spent HOURS, up until 3am last night and then got up this morning, looking at your blog from beginning to end! I absolutely love it! And my dear LOVE is not strong enough when coming to described my excitement for this site. I to am addicted to craigslist, ebay, and we have here. They have that site wherever there is a military base. It has the best deals. Anywho thanks so much for such a gr8 blog. My absolute fave!!!

  3. Catherine

    I did the same thing as these ladies and after discovering your site, read it start to finish (some nights staying up waaaaay too late). It's not to strong a statement to say this is the best home decorating blog I've found yet, which is saying quite a bit considering I often stay up way too late scouring blogs. Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas. You are truly talented and the minute I have enough money, I will hire you to design every room in my house!

  4. yep, I did the same. I found your blog maybe a week ago (?) and I've read it all now. You are talented! I feel just like you: a rich girl trapped in a poor girl's bank account, and I'm definately inspred to do some major DIY projects now after reading your blog.

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