Favorite Affordable Black Door Hardware

One of the questions I get asked most often is where to buy door hardware that looks expensive and modern but doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars per knob (!). I always direct my friends to Kwikset’s Halifax and Milan levers. They are heavy duty and super affordable and I LOVE the sleek design.

LGN BLACK HARDWAREI was also thrilled to hear that Kwikset recently released a deadbolt series that pairs perfectly with my beloved Milan and Halifax series. How gorgeous are these Uptown and Downtown deadbolts?

kwikset dead boltsThey just came out with an Iron Black finish that is the perfect matte black. They were used in a local client’s project and I love how they look on the slab doors that we had customized with routered lines. Pretty right? Those kerfed casements are my favorite. I think the look all together is so clean and modern!



We’re going for sort of a modern farmhouse look in this home and here are a few of the pieces I’ve been eyeing for their living space. I LOVE the mix!!


Downtown Dead Bolt  //  Halifax Lever  //  Olive Tree  //  Blue and Wood Stool  //  Floral Wallpaper  //  Abstract Pillow  //  Gray Striped Pillow  //  Leather Sofa  //  Blue Velvet Sofa  //  Red Eyeball Table Lamp  //  Black Round Mirror  //  Abstract Rug

Disclosure: Kwikset is a sponsor of LGN. As always, all opinions are my own!

Happening Lately – NYC Edition




We just got back to Arizona after spending a few glorious weeks in New York. I love and miss that city so much. We saw great friends, ate delicious foods, and walked more than we’ve walked here in a year (sad to say it – that needs to change!).






We watched fireworks on the 4th at Brooklyn Bridge Park right on the water with the skyline and Lady Liberty as the backdrop. It was magical!




I also bought a few new things while we were in town. These natural leather Birks are AMAZING in person. Two of my friends had them and the leather darkens and wears in so beautifully after a few months of wear. And without the big buckles, they are a little less chunky than normal Birkenstocks. Worth the splurge! The red slingbacks are my favorite cheap purchase lately and my friend gifted me a pair of these Loeffler Randall D’Orsay flats and they are so, so gorgeous and beautifully made.


1  //  2  //  3

These two tunic-style tops were on heavy rotation while we were on our trip. They are comfortable and breathe really well which is nice for both living in the oven that is the Arizona desert and the humid NYC subways alike!

LGN tops

4  //  5

I brought my new K. Slade carry-all with me to NYC because I love that it holds EVERYTHING and it can be worn as a cross body bag. I especially love the navy and camel leather combo, the tiny monogram and of course the great tassels!


Michael and I had some work projects to do while we were in the city. I am designing two brownstone projects right now and we had the walls painted and refinished the floors in one of the homes while I was in town. I’m always blown away at how much bigger a space feels with lighter floors and walls!



More to come from this beautiful project soon! We are back home now and I’m feeling rested and inspired and ready to get back to work and wrap up the last of these big summer installs. I’m actually loading up the car today and headed up to Portland to finish up a cabin project we’ve been working on for a long time. (Follow me on snapchat and Insta @jennykomenda for lots of behind the scenes!) I can’t wait to share these photos with you! Here’s a little sneak peek from our last site visit. OBSESSED with the olive green cabinets!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



We’re going to do a HUGE print out of one of Kate’s amazing new art prints in the cabin. She’s selling super affordable digital downloads here. Isn’t this a great shot? I want this one in my own house.



Wish me luck!

Toy Room Organization



Remember that little closet in our playroom? I’ve been meaning to tackle the space for a couple of years now.



It had become this sort of catch-all space that made it easy for the girls to “clean up” the playroom, but it also felt sort of pointless from an organizational standpoint. They would throw all their toys in there and shut the door. Ta-da!! Clean playroom! But I’m not sure what I expected without giving them a good system for organizing. The biggest problem is we had too many toys, so we first went through and donated a lot of what we had and never used. Some of the toys went upstairs to the girls bedrooms, but much of what we kept was the toddler age stuff for Margot.



I patched the walls with drywall mud where we had taken down the too-big and busted up shelving, and I primed and painted the walls Chantilly Lace (my all-time favorite white). And then it was time for the fun part – the organizing and decorating!

The girls and I went shopping together and we were thrilled to finally have a reason to pick up some of the Pillowfort products at Target. I’m sure you’ve seen the adorable displays in the stores! SO many cute, cute products. The coral pink, neon yellow, mint green and happy lilac colors paired so well with the vintage rug I put in the closet and the bright white walls.


There are a ton of beautiful patterned fabric bins and cute wire metal bins from the Pillowfort line that made it easy to sort the small toys into categories like Legos and wooden blocks and animal figurines.




I LOVE these metal wire ones with the drop fronts that make it easy to put away items without even moving the basket! They are stackable too! I thought about grabbing a few more of these to mount directly to the wall for dress ups storage.



pink touch on/off task light


On the window wall, the girls chose a panda and a unicorn to hang up (they had to make them pipe cleaner tiaras and necklaces first though, naturally!)


I also hung up a vintage pastel and a heart marquee sign (that has an auto shut-off after 3-4 hours! High fives.)


We have some blue bookshelves in the playroom that work really well for the big girls books since they can easily reach them. But I picked up two of these tiny kid bookshelves to mount down low to put Margot’s favorite books out on rotation.



white hanging bookshelves  //  GIRLS RULE wire sign


The light filtering curtains were another fun addition! I love the sweet butterfly pattern and that they are basically black-out curtains (makes nap time about a million times easier!)


I love that this little space works and feels SO much better now, but my very favorite part has been how much the girls love being in here! And cleaning up has been a breeze for them, now that everything has a place.


flamingo  //  tassel pillow



Here are a couple of other favorites from Target‘s Pillowfort line that my girls have been saving up allowance money for. They really want to put a little activity table in the playhouse and we’ve been eyeing these adorable little mint chairs!!


Metal Kids Table  //  Green Glass Table Lamp  // Squiggle Canvas Bin  //  Lilac Teepee  //  Mint Kids Chairs

LGN Pillowfort 2

Lilac Striped Rug  //  Tufted Ottoman  //  Scallop Side Table  //  Panda Lamp  //  Aqua Wire Basket

This post is brought to you by TargetStyle. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.

LGN Hashtags!

Greetings from NYC! Michael and I both have work events/projects here and we thought it would be fun to come back with the kids for a couple of weeks. We got here on Monday and have been going non-stop since with meetings and play dates with old friends. Lots of productive fun! It’s turning out to be pretty much the perfect vacation for us, though we have plans to try and slow down a bit while we’re here and do some life evaluating. (**dramatic music!!**)
The past few months especially have been good, but completely, completely nuts. We spent a ton of time doing some filming for a fun project and of course we had quite a few big design installs out of state and locally. I also got to help put on girls camp for my church and not to mention Heather’s wedding reception at our house! I’m getting winded just writing out this list. :) The craziest part of the summer is over at this point though and we’re starting to get some of the photos back from the installs and the wedding, which is pretty much the best cherry on top and makes it all worth it. It’s like going through labor and while you’re in the middle of it, you’re like, WHAT HAVE I DONE. NEVER AGAIN. And then as soon as the baby is in your arms, you’re like, hey, that wasn’t so bad! I’m a freaking champion. Let’s do it again! (j/k about that last part – too soon)
All that to say, I’m proud of the work we’ve done the past few months and I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, there are a few sneak peaks on my Instagram!
Speaking of Instagram, I think it’s HIGH TIME that we have a couple of LGN hashtags!!
#heyLGN – pretty self explanatory- I just want to see your pretty photos! I’ll be reposting and doing mini round ups here on the blog. So if you have a post or see a post that feels like something we all would love, hashtag that baby!
#LGNprojects – I want to see your DIY! I get to see a few when people tag me, but sometimes that gets lost in the mix and I want the chance to see and share these projects!
You can also shoot me an email with photos. I’m hoping to do a few round ups a month with some awesome reader projects. Hello at littlegreennotebook dot com.
Sending all sorts of virtual hugs and high fives to you all. Thanks for sticking with me through all the craziness! xo