GET THE LOOK: Jenna Lyon’s Soho Loft

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft7


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft9


The last few years, I been taking a break from using lots of saturated color in my rooms, but lately I feel the color pendulum swinging back for me. I find myself craving colorful walls and furniture and Jenna Lyons’ beautiful new apartment has me smiling and nodding. It’s soooo gooood…

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft1


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft8


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft11


What do you guys think about this kitchen? I think it’s perfect for a city loft apartment that is open to the living spaces, but might not be what I would pick for myself. It is absolutely STUNNING though! And that Italian chandelier is insane!

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft10


I love the thoughtful, quirky moments. Everything is so artfully done.

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft6


Her master bathroom is my all-time favorite though. The sea of marble is perfection! And the way her oak-paneled bedroom opens up to the bathroom view slays me.

GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft2


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft3


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft4


GET THE LOOK- Jenna Lyon's Soho Loft5


Jenna Lyons is undoubtedly the queen of color! I’m so inspired. We rounded up some of our favorite Jenna-esque pieces here below! Are you craving color again like we are?


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11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15  //  16  //  17  //  18  //  19


20  //  21  //  22  //  23  //  24  //  25  //  26  //  27  //  28  //  29

30  //  31  //  32  //  33  //  34  //  35  //  36  //  37  //  38

Plug-In vs Hard-Wired Wall Sconces


I LOOOVVVVVVEEEE a good wall sconce! They make every space look more designed, more expensive and more layered. The great news is you can find a ton of great plug-in options these days that eliminate the need to even hire an electrician. I love this for renters! Super easy to pack up and bring with you to the next house. (In fact this was something I learned when we staged the Gentry project – any light fixture or window treatment that is installed in the walls is sold as a part of the house! – all of the hardwired lights and the window treatments were thrown in, which I hadn’t really planned for, ouch!)


orb wall sconce  //  fiddle leaf fig tree  //  white basket  //  black shell chair

desk (painted “In the Moment” by Behr)  //  rug

OLIVIA print

But the plug-in sconces are easy to take down and pack up! I love love love these black two-arm sconces from our recent guest room makeover!


two arm wall sconce  //  nightstand  //  bed  

BIG SUR print

Sometimes it is definitely worth the extra cost and effort to hardwire install sconces, especially for a kitchen space. These sconces from Lucent with their flat back plates are COMPLETELY worth it!

Studio Kitchen Reveal-42

brass wall sconce  //  rug, vintage – similar  //  ASPENS print

Sometimes I think the cotton-wrapped cords are actually really pretty and can be a fun element of the lighting!


wall sconces  //  rug  //  bed



two arm wall sconces  //  bed  //  rug  //  pom pom throw – similar


In my daughter’s bedroom, we wrapped the cords with yarn as a simple DIY project and I love the touch of color it added!

IMG_0527 copy

eyeball sconce  //  buffalo check throw blanket


IMG_6284 copy

wall sconces, similar  //  throw blanket  //  pillow


wall sconces  //  rug  //  bed

Here’s a monster round up of all my favorite wall sconces available right now! Do you prefer a table lamp or wall sconces on your bedside? I love that sconces are such a space saver! More room for my mountains of books and magazines that I keep on my nightstand! :)

sconce #1

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9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15  //  16

17  //  18  //  19  //  20  //  21  //  22  //  23  //  24

sconce #2

25  //  26  //  27  //  28  //  29  //  30  //  31  //  32

33  //  34  //  35  //  36  //  37  //  38  //  39  //  40

41  //  42  //  43  //  44  //  45  //  46  //  47  //  48

Easy DIY: Hanging Removable Wallpaper

5I5A8730 copy

Today we introduced two new prints to the Print Shop from Jenna Marie Ward,  Delicate Arch and Capitol Reef!

5I5A8724 copy

We hung some removable wallpaper in the studio for this shot and we were all shocked at how easy it was to hang! SO much easier than real wallpaper (here are a few tutorials for that if you’re looking for some tips!)

5I5A8644 copy

5I5A8632 copy

We used the Florida Dilly Indigo Peel & Stick Wallpaper from Target’s new Opalhouse line. The absolute most important part is making sure your lines are level when you start hanging! Don’t start your first piece in a corner because most drywall is not perfectly straight. Either snap a chalkline or use a level to make a floor to ceiling pencil line a few inches away from the corner to start your first roll.

5I5A8653 copy

The repositionable wallpaper is SO easy because all you have to worry about is getting the seams to match up, then you can pull up the rest of the paper and smooth out any wrinkles with your arms and hands.

5I5A8655 copy

5I5A8668 copy

You can smooth out any small air bubbles using a credit card or a soft squeegee but there really weren’t that many! So different from pasted wallpaper!


I love this look for an entry space, a mudroom or laundry room! The simple block print on this specific paper is so pretty with our new punchy landscape paintings! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below. Have you ever used removable wallpaper before? I’m so sold! It’s the perfect solution for renters and for people like me that like to change things up regularly! :) (PS here’s another place we used removable wallpaper and loved it!)

5I5A8728 copy

removable wallpaper  //  rug  //  leather bench



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8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14

Arhaus Marble and Brass Dining Table GIVE AWAY!



***CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Congrats to our winner, Lydia!***

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might remember how much I LOVE this marble and brass Arhaus Massa dining table. It is a total stunner and is so beautifully made! We got one for our porch a few months ago (even though it’s not technically an outdoor table, it’s done well out here) and it is my favorite. And the great news is Arhaus is letting us give away one to you guys! GET EXCITED!! I mean, just look at this amazing table!

5I5A8538 copy

The veining in the marble top is SO pretty! And I love the corners are rounded – so much more safe for little ones.


We have had a really beautiful spring here in Arizona and on the weekends especially, my girls like to put together a charcuterie board for a simple dinner al fresco. It’s nice to not have to cook or have a million dishes in the kitchen.


5I5A8401 copy


5I5A8264 copy

ARHAUS JS18glass tumblers  //  linen napkins  //  flower vase

We also got four of these gorgeous charcoal gray bistro chairs from Arhaus to go with our marble table.


5I5A8597 copy

They are super comfortable for long dinners and they can be hosed off if there’s a spill!


brass and marble table  //  bistro chairs


I love how our new dining set looks with the DIY tumbling block painted floors I did a few years back. The colors all play together so nicely!


Dipped Basket   //  Bistro Chair


We are lucky enough to have two Arhaus locations in Phoenix and it’s fun to get to swing in regularly and see what’s new. They always have beautiful pieces that are so well crafted and have that globally-curated look and feel. I also love that Arhaus is committed to using sustainable materials. Here are a few of my favorite pieces right available right now and you can also check out my Pin board for our porch update to get all these links as well!


I’ve been loving our back porch refresh and I can’t wait to give one of you a marble and brass Massa table! To enter, visit the Arhaus site and take a look around and then leave a comment here in this post, sharing where you’d use your new table. We’ll draw a random winner on the night of Monday May 28  and will announce the winner on this post on Tuesday. Good luck!


This post is sponsored by our friends at Arhaus.